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Comprehensive Visual Examination
A series of tests will be performed, which will assess all the various areas which contribute to clear, comfortable vision, as well as the health of your eye will be investigated.

Glaucoma Screening
Early detection is the key to protecting your vision from damage caused by glaucoma, a silent sight-threatening disease characterised by raised eye pressure. Simple glaucoma screening can identify high-risk patients and prevent any possible further damage.

Contact Lens Examination
An ocular health assessment focussing particularly on your cornea, eyelid and tear film integrity will be performed, as all these areas are critical to successful contact lens wear. Different contact lens options will be discussed and a trial lens set will be provided, after which you will receive training on insertion, removal and care.

Colour-Vision Testing
A simple screening test to detect colour anomalies is performed rapidly and easily, individuals with deficiencies can be identified and counseled.

Binocular Vision Assessment
In-depth additional tests are performed on patients suspected of having binocular vision anomalies, to assess how well both eyes can function together to produce clear, comfortable vision.

Vision Therapy
Eye exercise may be prescribed in cases where deficiencies of the binocular system are detected. These exercises will be done in-office, together with a home-based program and progress visits will be scheduled.

Dispensing of Spectacles and Contact Lenses
Choose from a wide variety of fashionable, contemporary and designer frames to suit most tests and budgets. Contact lenses may be ordered in or purchased immediately from our stock range.

Driver’s License Certificates
Bring along a valid ID document and have your screening done at no charge, to ensure that any potential problems you may have been identified before you renew your license. So, skip the long queues and have your screening done by an optometrist, where you will receive an official certificate that is accepted by licensing departments.

Contact Lens Solutions and Drops
Purchase your recommended contact lens solutions from our practice, together with any lubricants or tear supplement drops if required.

Repairs and Adjustments
Bring in your repairs and we will do our best to assist. What cannot be done in practice will be sent through to the lab. Most frames require adjustments to achieve the ideal fit. Also, with normal use, most frames will require re-alignment to maintain this fit. Come in and we will be pleased to assist.

We also offer breakage cover on all of our purchased glasses /sunglasses, FREE for up to 2 years.

Delivery Service
Our recently introduced courier option is fast, convenient and cost effective. Get your specs or lenses delivered to your door at the nominal rate of only R50 for deliveries within the greater Durban area.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Have your spectacles cleaned thoroughly, especially in all those hard-to-reach places, with our quick and effective ultrasonic cleaning service – at NO CHARGE!

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